The judging process at the Chinnok Regional Science Fair is similar to that used at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Participants will be visited by a minimum of three judges over the course of the judging period. Each judge will spend approximately 10-20 minutes with the participant(s) to assess their knowledge of the topic they have presented. Judges will visit several projects and rank these projects based on the characteristics outlined in our judging rubrics. At the end of the judging period, the Chinnok Judging Committee will total up the rankings for each project and determine the top three projects for each age division. (Special Award winners are determined by an independent panel of judges).

School fairs are not required to follow the Chinnok judging methodology or use the Chinook judging rubrics. Many fairs, for instance, choose their winners based on peer evaluations with great success. It is highly recommended, however, that finalists are chosen based on the same basic criteria used by the Chinook Regional Fair and that these criteria are made known to the students before they begin their projects. Students should keep a logbook to organize their notes and reference material and maintain records of their experimental procedures and research activities. Judges may ask to see these rough notes.

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