Oral Presentation

You will make this same oral presentation to the judges at the science fair as you will in class. Oral presentations should contain
all of the following:

1.  Explain the question that you are trying to answer.

2.  State the hypothesis.

3.  State all the factors you controlled or held constant in experiment.

4.  State the dependent and independent variables.

5.  Explain the steps you followed in doing your experiment.

6.  Explain how your data was gathered and recorded.

7.  Explain charts, graphs, illustrations and photographs that you may have used to summarize your results.

8.  Explain any mathematical calculations that were made.

9.  Interpret your results; state what your results mean.

10.  State whether your hypothesis was accepted or rejected.

11.  Tell how the results of you experiments can be used.

12.  Tell the ways that your experiment could have been improved.

13.  Tell the related experiments that could be done.

14.  In general, refer to your logbook, research report and/or backboard as much as possible in making your presentation.  Also you may have display material that would be excellent to use.

15.  Do not read the presentation.  You may use cue cards, but really must present material and this means making eye contact with person or persons to whom you are speaking clearing and confidently.