Where Do I Start ?
Selecting a question to which you want to know the answer. It is very important that you pick question that interests you and design a project that will give you recordable data/measurements for you to interpret.


What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Question ?

  1. The question should involve subject matter which is simple enough for you to understand.
  2. The question must be answerable as a result of an experiment.  A survey or a demonstration is not acceptable as a science fair project.
  3. The results of the experiment must be measurable.  Do not select a topic and an experiment that will not give you results that can both be easily and accurately measured.
  4. The question must be answered by an experiment that is possible for you to do. You must have the space, the time, equipment and so on to carry out the experiment.
  5. You must be able to repeat the experiment approximately 50 times and would be ideal for 100 trials.  This is necessary to establish reliable and valid information to base your results.  Only under "special" circumstances will under 50 trials be acceptable.
  6. Select a topic and a question that will produce useful information.

here for some topic ideas.